Melissa Sue Anderson

Interview about her book, The Way I See It

 You are usually a pretty private person. What made you decide to write a book about your personal experiences working on Little House and your other TV and movie performances?

I was at home and happy working occasionally as an actress when I was approached to write this book. I immediately thought of my husband, as he is the real writer of the family. But, no, it was me who was being asked to write a memoir about what it was like growing up on television. At first, I thought, I cannot possibly do this. But I was finally convinced that I could write my story and proceeded to do so.

Did you keep a diary while you were acting during Little House or was the book written from memory?

This book was completely written from memory which is why there are a few instances where I say that I don’t remember filming some scenes at all.

Did you find the book difficult to write with family and other personal distractions?

I was not bothered by too many distractions while writing the book and since I wrote it in longhand, I could easily take my notes wherever I needed to go i.e. piano lessons, airplane flights, etc. Christmas was the only time that I wanted to be decorating my home and getting in the Christmas spirit but felt I had to finish the chapter I was working on, first. I finally did with just four or five days to spare.

The Advanced Reading Copy doesn’t have any photos in it. Will the published book have a lot of rare, never before seen photos?

The Way I See It will have thirty- plus photos – many of them rare and never before seen.

What do you hope your fans will get out of your book?

I hope that my fans as well as fans of the 70s and of Little House will enjoy the humorous aspects of this book and gain a bit of insight into the lives of actors of all ages.

Since you have been semi-retired and out of the public eye for awhile, are you nervous about the upcoming publicity tour for the book?

As I have never launched a book before, I am a bit apprehensive about my upcoming month-long book tour. But I am happy and excited to set off on this new adventure.

Do you have a room or special area to display your acting memorabilia?

There is a photo in my book captioned “My Emmy doubles as a grad cap stand.” I was tempted to use this as a book or chapter title. I do not have any special place for my memorabilia. Anything of particular interest is worked in with family photos and family memorabilia.

Thanks Melissa for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope to see you at one of your book signings.


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