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Steve Tracy

Steve Tracy


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Aids Reaches a 'Little House' - (Sunday News, Lancaster, PA - November 15, 1992)

Steve Tracy the man who tamed Nellie Olsen taught her some life lessons that she shares with others

When Hollywood thought I'd caught AIDS from my dying TV husband

Excerpts from Confessions of a Prairie Bitch about Steve Tracy from Google books

I Have Aids - But I'll Die Fighting by Steve Tracy - National Enquirer (July 1, 1986)



Video Filmography

National Lampoon's Class Reunion (1982) (8 seconds into clip)

The Jeffersons (1982)

Little House on the Prairie

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - Part 1 (1980)

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - Part 2 (1980)

Come Let Us Reason Together (1981)

Desparate Movies (1981)

James at 16 (1978)