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Tracey Bregman Interview

How were you cast in the film Happy Birthday to Me?


I was asked to go to J. Lee Thompson's house in Malibu and my mother was up for Melissa's mother.

Lee took one look at me and said you are it, even though he later nicknamed me "crazy", LOL And he

said to my mom that she wasn't right for that role.


When did you meet Melissa Sue Anderson for the first time?


I'm trying to remember. I think we went out in L.A. or when we first got to Montreal. I remember

going to dinner with her in Montreal and we were talking and all of a sudden, we heard her name over

the P.A. in the restaurant, not very discreet!


You and Melissa had great on-screen chemistry together.

How was your working relationship on the film?


We had a lot of fun. Melissa worked every day so she had little downtime and the rest of the kids

working with us were only there for short periods of time. Melissa and I were there for 10 weeks

straight. We always had a great time when we were together.


Melissa has mentioned that she was disappointed in the change to the end of the film.

She wanted to be the killer. How do you feel about the ending to the film?


I was stunned about the change in the movie. I had already filmed my "death" scene when Iren Litinsky

took me to dinner and told me I was the killer. I sat there saying, "but my character is dead!" Sorry

Melissa, I LOVED the ending! LOL


Melissa mentions in her book about having a plaster cast made of her head for your latex mask.

Fangoria has a photo of you and Melissa sitting across from each other while they apply the mask.

How did you feel about wearing the latex mask?


You have a pic? I would love to see it!! That was quite the experience, one I could never do again!

Tom Burman turns Tracey Bregman into a Melissa Sue Anderson double


Do you have any memories or stories to share about working with Melissa

during the filming of Happy Birthday to Me?


Yes, we were doing a scene where we had to break into the house of one of our friends and we needed to

go through the window, I will never forget, somehow Melissa turned her body so she ended up falling

through the window. We laughed so hard but they ended up using that take!



Have you seen or kept in touch with Melissa after the film was released?


The last time I saw Melissa was just after the opening of our movie.


Thanks, Tracey for answering my questions!


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