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Provoans' Granddaughter Plays in New Film

Melissa Sue Anderson - Landon Admirer Not Secret (The Daily Herald)

'Slow - Small Children Working'


Melissa Sue Anderson Kisses and Tells!

"Melissa's Beauty is a Two-headed Coin" (The Dispatch)

Here's Full Course in Bread Dough Art

Hall of Famers Bring 'Wrangler' to Mathews (Abilene Reporter-News)

Melissa Sue Anderson and Melissa Gilbert trying on mustaches with Allan "Whitey" Snyder from The Daily Herald (Provo, Utah)


'Prairie' Actress is Pomona Library Guest


TV Talk 3 by Peggy Herz (1977)

Clipping from 1977 (Source unknown) "Huge Paycheck Makes 'Little House' Girl Blush"

Teen Bag (1977?) "All About Melissa Sue Anderson"

Tiger Beat (Not sure of the date, two different issues of fashion poses)

Child Star Exhibits Rare Maturity (The Phoenix)


Tiger Beat? (1978)

I'm not sure which magazine this comes from, but I had it hanging on my wall in the late 1970's

"Melissa Sue Anderson Worried About Going Blind" (The Lewiston Daily Sun)

"Profile: Melissa Sue Anderson" (The Nevada Daily Mail)

Youthful Actress Voices Grown-Up Views (Reading Eagle)

A Productive Idleness (The Victoria Advocate)

"Melissa's Stage Scream Brought Real Response" (Schenectady Gazette)

People Weekly (09/11/1978)

Tiger Beat (1978 or 1979) "Melissa Sue Says "No" To Boys in Show Biz!"

New York TV Post (November 5, 1978)

TV Mirror (November 1978)

Mary Grows into Actress

Melissa Sue Anderson: Avoids Personal Questions

TV Parade

Melissa Sue Anderson Anticipates Fall Season

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The Superkids by Connie Berman (Copyright 1979)

American Girl (June 1979)

TeenView (1979 or 1980)?

iHOLA! (December 22, 1979, in Spanish)

(Here is a language translation program.)

1979 Clipping (Source Unknown) "Affair with Sinatra Jr. helps 'Little House' star shed

her little girl image."

1979 Clipping from Tiger Beat or Teen Beat (Melissa at Home)

Holiday Hairdos 1979 (Source unknown)

"Melissa Sue Anderson is a Big Hit on 'Little House'" (Boca Raton News)

"Melissa Sue Anderson: Bright Star on the Prairie" (Daytona Beach Morning Journal)

"Melissa Sue Anderson: Girl Going Places" (Lakeland Ledgar)

Jack and Jill Magazine November 1979

Anderson is Not What She Appears to Be (Herald Journal)


Guideposts Magazine 1980

"Melissa Braces for Role Transition" (Kingman Daily Miner)

Child Actress Prepares for Legal Adulthood (Wilmington Star-News)

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People Weekly (06/01/1981)

Scott's World: Melissa Sue Flees 'Little House'

Super Teen (1981)

"Two Faces of Melissa Sue Anderson" (Ottawa Citizen)

Melissa Sue Carves a New Career (Page 1)

Melissa Sue Carves a New Career (Page 2)


Volleyball Lessons For Role in Movie (The Leader-Post)


Person to Person (January 1983)

Description of "First Affair" shoot in Quincy, Massachusetts

Melissa's potential casting on Dynasty

Melissa Leaves 'House', Has 'First Affair'


Child Actress Blossoms to Ingenue (May 22, 1984)

Actress Feels No Loss of Youth (Bangor Daily News)

Transcript from The Phil Donahue Show


(1987) Actress Sees a Bright Future - Independent Melissa Anderson

Displays Confidence, Ambition (April, 15, 1987)

Prairie Girl Trying to Bury Prissy Image (May 3, 1987)

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From Little House to Grandmother's House (March 1992)


Globe (March 19, 1996) small article


People Weekly (09/07/1998)


"The Today Show" Transcript from July 29, 1999

2000 archive article (01/20/2000)

Interview with Melissa Sue Anderson by Barnaby Marriott


US Weekly (February 25-March 4, 2002)

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Article from Fangoria November 2004 about Happy Birthday to Me

2006 (5/19/2006)

Melissa Anderson Shakes Up Her Career in Earthquake Miniseries Hallmark Press Release


First for Women (12/3/2007)


"Little House, Big Crush" by Greg Hardesty (4/14/2008)

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2010 French article from La Semaine (3/2010)

Interview with Melissa Sue Anderson (May 5)

Feathered Quill Book Review

Review of The Way I See It, (May 25)

Little House on the Prairie - Star Melissa Anderson On The Way She Sees It (May 25)

Melissa Sue Anderson Interview at Nunn on the

Interview: Melissa Sue Anderson, 'Little House on the Prairie' Days (June 6)

Melissa Anderson - Prairie House Companion (August 31)


The Kind Sister From the Prairie Grows Up (September 26)