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Dean Butler Newest Member of 'Prairie' (Boca Raton News)


Dean Butler: 'Prairie' Runner (Lodi News-Sentinel)


Shy Youth Becomes 'Little House' Star (Star-News)


Dean Butler Stars in Revised Series (Waycross Journal-Herald)


Butler Well Served by 'House' Divided (St. Joseph News-Press)


Dean Butler Looks to 9th Season (Star-News)


Butler Enjoying Enlarged Role on 'House' Series (St. Joseph News-Press)


Moondoggie Dreams of Bigger Raves (Orange Coast Magazine)


'Little House's' Dean Butler Spends the 'Evening' at Coast Playhouse (Los Angeles Times)


Internet Movie Database entry

Excerpt from Prairie Tale: A Memoir

Cabaret review - Dean Butler at Sterling's

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Genessee Country Village interview (2010)


Video Clips

Interview from Little House on the Prairie dvd's, Part 1

Interview from Little House on the Prairie dvd's, Part 2

Interview from Little House on the Prairie season 9 dvd collection

Interview with Melissa Sue Anderson and Dean Butler at Laura Ingalls Wilder Days (2010)

'Little House' stars discuss TV series (2010)

'Little House' stars discuss set, Michael Landon (2010)

Interview with Dean Butler at Heritage Hill for Laura Ingalls Wilder Days (2009)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (When She Was Bad) (Full Episode) (1997)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Nightmares) (1997)

Renegade (1996)

The Final Goal (1995) Trailer

Dean Butler in the Buckle Up PSA (1988)

Hotel (1987)

Hollywood Squares - March 9, 1987

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The New Gidget Season 1 Theme (1986)

Gidget's Summer Reunion (1985)


The Love Boat (1986)

Who's the Boss (1984)

The Love Boat (1983)

Fantasy Island (1983)

The Kid with the 200 IQ (1983)

The Love Boat (1982)

1982 Little House on the Prairie Christmas greetings

Forever (1978)

Melissa Gilbert and Dean Butler at the shooting location of Little House

Remembering the Last Farewell, Part 1

Remembering the Last Farewell, Part 2

Audio Interviews


On Screen & Beyond 2/6/2011

Videos for November 2008

Getting to Know You with Susan McCray 5/23/2006