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(2007) eTalk Daily (2006) "10.5: Apocalypse" (1991) "Dead Men Don't Die"
(2007) Extended eTalk Interview with Melissa Sue Anderson (1998) "Earthquake in New York" (1984) "Chattanooga Choo Choo"

(2006) Exclusive Interview with Melissa Sue Anderson

YouTube clips from "Little House on the Prairie - Special Edition Boxed Set"

(1989) "The Return of Sam McCloud" (1981) "Happy Birthday to Me"
(2006) "100 Greatest Teen Stars"
(1986) "Dark Mansions"
(2003) "Favorite Stars Then and Now" (1983) "First Affair"
(2002) Sagas: Melissa Sue Anderson    


(1998?) Interview with Melissa by Nick Lewin


1994 "Burke's Law"

"Who Killed Alexander the Great"

(1982) "An Innocent Love"

Made for Video

Looking Your Best (1989)


(1991) Michael Landon: Memories with Laughter and Love  

Public Service Announcement

Buckle Up (1988)

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents"

(1989) "Murder in Mind"

(1988) "VCR - Very Careful Rape"

(1981) "Advice to the Lovelorn"


Family Channel

"The Equalizer"

(1988) "The Mystery of Manon"

(1987) "Memories of Manon"

(1981) "Midnight Offerings"  


(1985) "Imperfect Union"

(1984) "Lifelines"

(1979) "Which Mother is Mine" (Afterschool Special)  

"Glitter "

(1984) "A Minor Miracle"

(1979) "On the Edge: The Survival of Dana"  

"Murder She Wrote"

(1984) "Hooray for Homicide"

(1977) "James at 15"  

"Finder of Lost Loves"

(1984) "Maxwell Ltd: Finder of Lost Loves" Pilot

(1977) "Beat the Turtle Drum" (Afterschool Special)  
(1982) People's Choice Awards (1976) "The Loneliest Runner"  
(1981) All-Star Salute to Mother's Day    

"Fantasy Island"

(1980) "Rogues to Riches/Stark Terror"

(1980) Academy of Country Music Awards    

"Love Boat"

(1986) The Matadors, Mrs. Jameson Comes Out/Love's Labors Found/Marry Me, Marry Me

(1980) Tell Her She's Great/Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Times Two/The Baby Alarm

(1979) "Cindy/Play by Play/What's a Brother For"

(1978) "Till Death Do Us Part, Maybe/Chubs/Locked Away"

(1979) People's Choice Awards    
(1978) Emmy Award Nomination for Little House on the Prairie    
(1979) "CHiPS" - Roller Disco    

(1977) Circus, Lions, Tigers and Melissas Too

(1977) All-Star Anything Goes    
(1976) "Battle of the Network Stars"  

"Little House on the Prairie"

Favorite Episodes featuring Melissa:

(1974) "The Award"  
(1975) "Four Eyes"    
(1976) "The Pride of Walnut Grove"    
(1976) "The Collection"    
(1977) "I'll Ride the Wind"    
(1977) "The Handyman"    
(1977) "Times of Change"    
(1978) "Whisper Country"    
(1978) "I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away"    
(1978) "The Wedding"    
(1979) The Enchanted Cottage    
(1980) Darkness is My Friend    
(1980) "May We Make Them Proud"    

"The Brady Bunch"

(1973) "Never Too Young"

(1973) Alpen Cereal Commercial    
(1973) Malibu Pool Party commercial    
(1973) Shaft (The Enforcers)