Eric Scott
Interview (2012)

How were you cast for the part of Brian? Did you read for the part with Melissa?

I got a call from my agent that they were interested in me for the part and would I like to do it.

Do you remember where your scenes were shot? There was a bowling alley,
a greenhouse, and Alex’s home.

I remember filming at a nursery on Sawtelle Bl. In West Los Angeles and at the Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles. I don’t remember the house or bowling alley
but I am sure they were located in Los Angeles.

How long did it take to shoot your scenes?

It was approximately 7 days of work.

Did you shoot during a hiatus of “The Waltons” or did they work around your schedule?

During the hiatus from the show, I would try to do something different than Ben, I liked the script for this afterschool special and with the opportunity to work with other celebrities, I jumped at it.

How was your working relationship with Melissa Sue Anderson?

From the very beginning, I could tell that Melissa Sue was nothing but a professional, she was always well prepared for the day’s filming and was always open to the director’s input.

Both you and Melissa were convincing as boyfriend and girlfriend. Did you feel comfortable with the kissing scene and other scenes such as holding hands?

I had a lot of experience on “The Waltons” with having girlfriends and kissing scenes so it wasn’t much of a stretch for me, I got the feeling that Melissa Sue did not have as much experience prior to us filming but she definitely was comfortable with me as I was with her.

Have you seen Melissa since working together on the special?

I might have seen Melissa a couple of times since but I don’t think our paths have crossed recently. I have seen Marion many times since, and she is always a blast to talk to.

Did you enjoy your time working as a child actor on The Waltons? What are the pros and cons of working at a young age in Hollywood?

I started in the business when I was seven years old and started the Waltons when I was 13, I enjoyed filming on a series immensely, the freelance before and after wasn’t for me and one of the reasons I left the business. There are too many pros and cons-I will save that for my book!!

What are some of your favorite memories working on the Waltons or other television performances?

The entire series was a highlight professionally, but If I was to single out a couple of extraordinary experiences, they would be: working with Henry Fonda in a GAF Talking Viewmaster Commercial
and working with Fred Astaire in a Movie of the Week.

Thanks, Eric for answering my questions.

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